Why Most People Don’t Get Results



I always keep coming back to this.

We don’t get results in a lot of things in life because we are making things too complicated.

Getting sidetracked with shiny objects that pop up all the time when we should just ignore them and do the things we know we should do… the things we said we were going to do.

When we look for the quick fix instead of just doing the simple things each day we get…


You see with the internet, TV, Magazines and social media there’s so many different diets and exercises to choose from. This leads to people being so overwhelmed they don’t start or get sidetracked with the latest so called miracle pill/diet.

Let me explain first what I mean by overwhelm.

If I was coaching you to climb Mt Everest all I need to do is coach you to go from Point A (basecamp) to Point B (the summit).

Sounds simple right… ( It should be)

When you join a program you are basically hiring someone to be your guide, to help you get from point A to Point B. However the guide thinks to be the best guide possible they have to drown you with information.

This is what they do. ( Using climbing Mt Everest as an example)

They give you 17 extra tents, 13 shovels, 14 extra sleeping bags, 73 pairs of boots, and 2 year supply of food in case something happens and 52 maps each one in a different language and logically your brain thinks this makes sense… More means better right??

Now what people don’t realise that if I have to climb Mt Everest and I have to carry all the extra stuff I’m not going to get to the first checkpoint because I’m too overwhelmed and overloaded with all the information.

Here’s the secret to your success

You want to get you to point A to Point B in the most streamlined and efficient manner as possible which often means less is more.

All you need it to be told is what to do and when to do it. You don’t need 47 dvd’s to show you what to do.

Makes sense right?

Just keep it simple.

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