Who’s Your Biggest Bully


This world is crazy!!

I will talk about your biggest bully in a second but first.

If you have any sort of mental illness or suffer from depression then get off freakin facebook, twitter and instagram because the fastest way to sadness is when you compare yourself to others….

Most people on facebook are full of shit…. trust me they are not as rich, successful, fun and living some “Magically life” as they portray..

You could say that facebook is where people live the life they wish they had the balls to live.

Here is a tip to a happier life, actually talk to people and be present when you are with them.

Experiences in life are what makes you happy…

People are now becoming addicted to the fake sense of self esteem boost they get from likes or comments on their posts…. This shit is not real and will never make you happy..

You will not be on your death bed saying I wish I spent more time of facebook… You will be saying I wish I spend more time laughing with friends.

If you are living your life to the fullest you don’t have time to spend you life on facebook

You need to stop watching others live and start living yourself!!

Rant over

Now back to the biggest bully..

The biggest bully is YOURSELF….

What we say to ourselves is extremely important, and it’s often the worst stuff! Far worse than what anyone would ever tell us to our faces!

For example, if you put on a shirt and you think it looks terrible, you might say to yourself,

“God, I look like a fat idiot in this thing.” No one else would ever say that to you!

A good way to monitor your self talk is to think, “Would I speak to someone’s seven year old daughter this way?

Would I say these things to someone else’s child with that person standing in front of me listening?”

If the answer is an emphatic “Christ, no” then you might want to really examine what you’re
telling yourself because the most powerful voice you’ll ever listen to is your own.

So cut that shit out and get right with talking yourself up not down.

And this year be sure to set yourself up to Crush it!

PT Experience