What Pisses Me Of About The Health & Fitness Industry

The big problem I see with the health and fitness industry is how it makes people fear food….

The health and fitness industry creates eating disorders…. don’t eat this, don’t eat that and if you do you will die…..

If you look around the world you will find cultures eating carbohydrates, eating natural sugars, eating grains, eating gluten etc and enjoy amazing health.

Everyone’s nutrition is person specific, just like some people are allergic to nuts. However it doesn’t mean everyone who eats them will have anaphylactic response.

Society has now through great marketing conditioned you to crave instant gratification… Instant messages, instant emails, instant weight loss etc…

Instead of looking at the latest shiny object that appears.

Just write out a plan of action and stick to it.

That is the biggest secret of all.

Just doing the work and being consistent.

If you just lost ½ kilo a week in 12 months you would have lost 26kgs….

However most people want to lose 5kgs in a week and that’s the problem because you most likely in a few weeks or months be back at the same weight if not more before you started.

Once you lose the diet mentality it will free you up to actually enjoy life,enjoy dinner parties, get togethers etc.. and actually enjoy the process of getting stronger and not just a strong body but your mind and life as well.

So the hardest part is always getting started but once you do, just keep the momentum up and you will succeed…

If you have to adjust the plan on the way so be it, at least you will be on your way.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…

In your corner.


PT Experience