The Only Person You Should Vote For

vote for you



You are in control of your destiny not the government
You can change your life if YOU want to

You can love who you wish
You can vote for YOU

You can win everyday, every week, every year
You can get healthy and fit whichever way you see this to be

You can design the life you wish for
You can work hard to make your dreams to come true

You can vote for YOU
You can sit down and write out a plan

You can work on the plan every day
You can shut ofF all the negativity in your life

You can choose who you spend time with
You can vote for YOU

You are your best teacher and mentor
You are your guru

You can love yourself
You are already complete

You don’t need anyone to complete you
You are the only one that can save you.

You can vote for YOU
You can make it happen

You can focus on you first
You can choose to smile every day

You can achieve as much success as you want to
You can and will pick yourself up when life knocks you down

You are the prize


You can choose to be the victim of the victor
You can create instead of hate

You can turn your pain into power like Oprah
You can write the book of your dreams like JK Rowling

You are enough
You can vote for YOU

YOu can ignore the haters
YOu don’t need permission to be everything you

You are in control of your happiness
You can turn off the TV

You can not read the bad news
You can concentrate on doing all the things you love

You can stop comparing yourself to others
You can vote for YOU

You can go on adventures and get the most out of life
You know all you have to do is CHOOSE YOU!!!

You don’t need anything else.
You have everything you need inside you

You can vote for YOU

Notice I didn’t mention anything about politics or self help gurus

People go out looking for a magician to find the secret spell that will change their life… however just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

>>>>You already have the magic inside you<<<<

You just can’t see it from all the noise and all the distractions.
You can make your life anything you wish it to be.

I believe in you.

Now it’s time YOU believed in YOU

PT Experience