Use This Magic Power Otherwise You Will Be Fat For Life


There are 2 magic powers when it comes to getting results that last.

“LAST” being the most important word in that sentence because we don’t have a weight loss problem we have a keeping it off problem.

Magic Power #1: The ability to get started.

BOOM!! this is a big one.

I see this all the time when I speak to mums/ dads and the general public who come and chat to me about how to get results.

The biggest thing that sticks out is that they are struggling with the inability to get started. So I’ve spent a lot of time discovering what the holdup is.

You see people are stuck on trying to find what program,exercises, what meal plan they should choose and so forth.

And look I have been there and was once very out of shape – so i can relate.

But here’s the deal

Most of the time all the research, the preparation and making sure everything is “Perfect” .. most of the time that’s the secret code for….

“Im scared”

Scared you might not be fit enough
Scared some weeks you won’t lose weight
Scared you’re gonna look stupid doing the exercises

So let me help you out here and tell you right up front that..

All That Stuff Is Almost GUARANTEED To Happen!

Your very first sessions you will probably feel awkward doing some of the exercises (Everyone still laughs at me when I show them exercise as for some reason I pull funny faces and make noises! 🙂

Your technique is probably gonna need tweaking.

Your non gym friends will almost certainly judge you and talk behind your back about how silly you are for trying to better yourself.

Because once you start stepping up your game they start reflecting on their lives and it is always easier to bring you down thann it is for them to improve themselves too. ( Most people have already experienced this in their life)

And since you’ll be putting yourself out there and spending some “ME TIME” which you DO deserve you’re probably going to look stupid to someone. (And if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong.) 🙂

So …that’s the way it is.

And since you know it’s all definitely going to happen (barring some miracle), you can finally stop worrying about it and just get it all out of the way!

Better to go on ahead and power through it, you know?

Hurry up so you can get to the good stuff. Like cramming down the vegetables when you were a kid so you could finally get dessert. (I still do this).

And once you do …you can practice the next magic power!

What’s the next power?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.

PT Experience