The Seinfeld Diet – This is maybe what you’re missing



Yes, that’s a line from Seinfeld and you will discover the reason this email is about Seinfeld and how it can help you as you keep reading…

Anyway, strap yourself in as I’m about to knock you over with a few easy tips that can be the difference between getting results and not…

People send me messages all the time asking how to lose weight and get in shape fast.

Plus I have people contact me asking if I can help them with intolerance and/or digestive problems and this is what I often end up talking about… plus a bunch of physiology which I wont bore you with.

Now I’m not going to bombard you with what exercises to do or which foods to eat.

All you need to do is start off by doing this….. THE FREAKIN OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW!!!!

If you are a Seinfeld fan like me you would remember the episode when George and Jerry discuss that if everything George does is not helping him improve his life then doing the opposite must be the answer!!!

So before you start going on some bull$hit sugar free diet and stop eating fruit just start doing some of the things I have listed below……

If you are eating crap… Stop eating crap

If you are not getting enough sleep… Sleep more

If you are not exercising….. exercise….

Yes I know this sounds simple to do…. however it is just as simple not to do them and that is why a lot of people don’t get results!!!!

Read the above again as there is magic in them words!! 🙂

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