The Dog Won’t Shut Up



“I don’t give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it is hell.”—Harry S. Truman

Today’s message is  a great one….

I think that 92.3%  of the time motivation doesn’t work.

You’re probably thinking, Jade what have you been smoking….

Well I think the problem is that motivation does nothing to change the situation you are in, it just makes you feel a sense of fake productivity in your mind

However if you get pissed off, get annoyed, get fed up and say “No More”….

That is when you change your life.

I think there is a lot of truth to the saying life starts on the end of your comfort zone.

To live your life on your own terms you have get comfortable being uncomfortable. ( Well that’s my personal experience) or basically just do what you said you would do

Here’s a story….

The Howling Dog

Tom just moved into a new neighbourhood recently. He liked his house and his environment, but there was one thing he didn’t get.

His neighbour, Mr. Tan, had a dog that kept howling non-stop. Literally: Day in, day out.

“Auuuuuhhhh………. Aaaauhhhh……….”

Initially Tom thought the dog was just going through a phase, so he ignored the howls, as he thinks it would eventually stop.

But it didn’t. The dog continued howling.


One day passed. Nothing changed. Second day passed: Still howling.

Third day passed, fourth, fifth day. 1 week. 2 weeks. 1 month passed, still howling, with no signs of stopping.

“Auuuhhh………….Oouuuuuhhhhh…….Au au auuhhhhh..”

Finally, Tom couldn’t stand it any more. One fine day, he walked over to Mr. Tan’s house to see what was going on.

Sure enough, there was the dog, sitting at the front porch, howling pitifully to whoever was walking by.


On the other hand, Mr. Tan was relaxing on his bench at the lawn, leisurely reading his newspapers and sipping a cup of coffee.

Wondering what was going on, Tom walked up to Mr. Tan.

Tom: “Hi Mr. Tan, is that your dog?”

Mr. Tan: “Which dog?” He glanced around. “Oh that. Yep he’s mine.”

Tom: “Why does he keep howling?”

Mr. Tan: “Oh, that’s because he’s sitting on a nail.”

Tom: “Sitting on a nail?!?”

Tom gave the dog a bewildered look.

“..Okay… so why doesn’t he just get away from the nail then??”

“Well, Tom………” Mr. Tan took a slow sip of his coffee before replying.

“…That’s because he doesn’t find it painful enough yet.”

So what is your nail??


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