Everyone is looking for the secret…

The secret success program

The secret workout

The secret secret diet

The secret get rich quick scheme

The secret is that you must combine a strong body with a strong mind and a strong life to get results that last.

However the biggest thing you must do is COMMIT to changing your life… and as you know you have to go all in.

To change your body you need the right exercises, the right nutrition, the right mindset and the right lifestyle to get the results…

However knowing this won’t do jack!  

You get there by being committed to your goals.

Focusing on it everyday…

Yes there will be times you cannot be bothered but that is where the magic happens… It happens when you do it anyway..

Whilst everyone gives up and goes.. Can’t be bothered… You say say I’m going to do it anyway.. And that is why you get the results and they don’t

That’s why you have a great relationship, that is why you have a great house, great car and stuff you money in the bank.


Remember you won’t “get” this stuff overnight.

I didn’t learn the “Secret” and then all of a sudden success showed up

If fact I’m fighting hard everyday towards my goals…. I’m in the pack with you… I’m leading it and being the lighthouse so you know which direction you have to go.

The truth is I didn’t always know what to do, well maybe deep down I did…

I got here by taking action, imperfect action, refining things which I still do today.

Then asking myself how can I improve without doing anything crazy.. I ask myself how can I thrive…

How can I get stronger, how can I eat more and not add fat. How can I experience more in life. How can I add more stuff you money

Action gives you the education you’re looking for.

You can’t learn to swim by reading about swimming

You have to get your feet wet. An hour in the water will teach you more about swimming than 1000 hours reading about it.

Stop looking for some magic trick , something deep down you know is not the answer and just a band aid.

There Is an easy way and a hard way. You need to stop the hard way.

However we look back over the last 10 years and by trying to find the easy way… we have actually walked down the hard way path…

Every successful person has had major setbacks…

If you study successful people you know they have been knocked down hundreds of time.. However they keep refining things til they got it right…

Arnie refined his workouts.

Ray Kroc refined his restaurants ( McDonald’s)

Steve Jobs refined his products. ( APPLE)

However they all have one major trait in common.. They took action….  

Look back at your life and think about the times you know you should have taken action.  

I bet your life would be much greater that it is now if you had just done what you said you would do.  

You cannot get time back.

So stop wasting it… This is your wake up call.

Can you imagine if you saved 10k every year for the last 10 years…

Can you imagine your life if you went to gym 3 times a week, every week?, you’d now be supporting a 6 pack.

Imagine if you invested in your relationship.. You’d be having wild bed action every damn week;

Ask yourself what do you really want. ?

Do you want to have a strong mindset that is unbreakable

Do you want to have a strong body in which you look great and not have to starve yourself

Do you want to have fun in life…

By following the 3 main principle you get there.

Once You start your journey you will realise that once you stop looking for the secret and just start doing the work it becomes easy. You’ll  feel a huge weight off your shoulder.

No amount of information will save you.

You will never learn to swim by reading about water.

Stop it please

Just stop

Your success depends on it.

You sanity depends on it.

If you want to starve yourself for the rest of your life, if you want to feel weak and not build a bulletproof mindset

It’s fine.. Really.

However take some time and and evaluate what you really want in life.

No.. Scrap that , you know what you want.

But evaluate what you’re really willing to do to get what you want.

( That the real secret that no one wants to face up to 🙂

Are you willing to take the next step

Are you willing to jump

Are you willing to throw away all the fad diets the drain you and hurt you in the long run.

Are you able to accept that it won’t always go your way and you will have to push through with the strong mind you will build.

I can’t will you to do it.

It’s up to you to take the leap.

To burn the bridges.

To finally go all in

You can get what you want as long as you decide.

Or you can can sit back and just keep what you are doing and waste another year.

No Judgement.

Just make the choice.

Because You either do or you don’t…

Alright that’s all I got for ya. See you around!



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