4 + 3 Simple Steps for Weight Loss Success

small-changesPeople always look for the secret exercises or food to get them results.

However all you need to do is stick to the basics.

Here are some simple steps broken down to help you with your transformation.

1. Exercise, use some type of resistance training

2. Eat energy producing foods

3. Rest and Recover and take time out for yourself

4 Use an intensity model for cardio training

And I know you may be thinking, “Oh man, that’s really basic, Jade. Could you tell me something I don’t know already?”

So even though that sounds obvious, lemme give it to you straight

The fact of the matter is, this is one of the easiest ways to lose weight AND we don’t want new, exciting, and hard ways to burn fat. We want old, proven, and easy ways to burn fat and look GREAT RIGHT NOW.

But there’s a little bit of a trick to it sometimes 🙂

I know I’m telling you something you’ve heard before, but the fact of the matter is probably 20 percent of my readership actually does this.

The other 80% goes “I know that already” and they do nothing. Don’t be one of the 80%.

My ultimate outcome is for you to get very healthy, so I’m going to hammer this down your throat.

You need to stop searching for the latest fat loss miracle and take action.

So the first thing to do is to simply take one step each day closer to your goals. So pick up the damn phone and make that call, or send that email or do whatever you need to do to get closer to your goal.…

I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO>> JUST DO SOMETHING.. TAKE ACTION towards your goal of looking great in your bikini or swim shorts.

Another fat loss tips and one that most people don’t do is increase the intensity of your workouts. Notice I said Intensity not duration by adding an intensity model. (This is also known as simply training smarter)

“Intensity model” basically means you just have to train harder not longer!!

If you follow this step you will double, triple, quadruple your fat loss results and chances are you’re going to shape your body so fast your friends will think you are having an early midlife crisis. 🙂

The 1% theory.

See, it is the 1 % which make all the difference. It is that split second you chose to drink water instead of soft drink or choosing to exercise instead of watching Oprah.

If you know that there’s another level you could be at right now you are hard wired, we all are, to want to get to that next level.

Otherwise if we weren’t, you wouldn’t reading this right now

Youʼd be content right where you are and you’d be saying, “nope …dude …Iʼm happy with my body. Iʼm just going to chill.”

But see …you’re here. Right now. Reading this. Busted!

Itʼs a fact:

We’re hard wired to always be striving to get to the next level.

But let me tell you something.

You’ve already done the hard part by making a decision to take your body to the next level by reading this.

We all know what’s gonna happen if you procrastinate any longer right?

30 days from now you are going to be one month older and even further away from how you really want to look and feel.


The multi-billion dollar industry is shoving addictive, processed food down your throat.

Now is your chance to take a stand and once in for all be able to look in the mirror and love the healthy body you see staring back at you.

I’m not talking about looking like an anorexic model.. Just lean, toned and most importantly healthy…


The One Thing That Fuels The $50 Billion Weight Loss Machine

The industry bets on laziness. Exercise is a hard sell because it’s perceived as hard work. Advertisers know there’s a lazy side hard wired into human nature, so they do everything they can to make their weight loss solutions look quick, easy and painless.

I believe the fact that we need to exercise – for health, quality of life AND for improved body composition – is such a common sense and intuitive conclusion that I find it almost comedic that there’s any debate about it at all.

Think about it: What will your body shape look like by dieting without doing any training???

Diet without exercise tends to create a “Skinny Fat Person” – someone with a low body weight but little if any muscle, and the last 5-10kgs of stubborn fat is left clinging to your hips, butt, thighs, abs or “love handles!”

It’s tempting to keep looking for some kind of “no-sweat” secret, whether in the form of a special diet technique, a magic fat burning pill or whatever, but in the end, it always, comes back to this:

You need a calorie deficit to lose weight… and it’s better to burn more calories than to cut more calories.

Exercise – including weight training and cardio training – should be a part of every weight management program and a part of your lifestyle. This is one of the ultimate secrets to fat loss and long term weight control:

Remember, don’t starve the fat, “BURN THE FAT.”

Duh, right? That’s pretty easy to figure out, and like I said earlier most people focus on the wrong thing.

But Hereʼs The Problem

The least successful way of losing fat is to concentrate on losing fat. The best way to get the body of your dreams is not to think about losing fat but to concentrate on improving your health believe it or not, and it’s the reason why most people fail.

You see, the way swimsuit models keep the fat off is they concentrate on being healthy.

BECAUSE IF you concentrate on FAT that is what YOU BECOME

Almost always, right?

And you have to stop listen to all the crap that you hear from the radio, morning TV shows and the gossip mags.


The first and most obvious thing to do is TAKE ACTION Make the phone call, send the email, do what you have to do to take the first step.


1. Avoid very low calorie diets.

Before going on any diet, look at the recommended calories. You’ll probably discover that in most cases, you are required to slash your calories to “starvation” levels 

2. Make sure your nutritional needs are customised.

Depending on your activity level, age and gender, your nutritional needs may be much higher or much lower than the average person.

If a diet program recommends the same amount of calories for everyone that should be a red flag to stay away. It could be perfect for someone else, but starvation level for you.

3. Increase your activity

Simple, you BURN more calories and increase your deficit by increasing your activity.

First, if you’re not doing so already, you should aim for three days per week of strength training with weights.

Second, you should do at least three days per week of moderate to vigorous cardiovascular exercise.

It also helps to get more physical activity in general, or participate in sports or recreational activities that you enjoy.

Bottom line:

The first secret to permanent fat loss is to BURN THE FAT, don’t STARVE THE FAT


Didn’t think so.


You’re greatly increasing your chances of success by doing this because you are working with nature not against it.

Remember – you’re not focusing on FAT LOSS. You’re focusing on HEALTH

People are cleaning up using this strategy right now. Just remember to do the steps I outlined.

In your corner


PS. If you have any questions just reply to this email and shoot me a message.

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