Liar Liar Pants On Fire




I want you to start looking out for stuff like what I’m about to show you.


Because if reinforces the true fact that people will buy anything and even though the truth is everywhere.

Hereʼs proof:

I Present To You The Absurd

These 2 pictures are what the health and fitness industry is trying to convince you is health….

handfull-of-pills-bendigo-personal-training protien-powder-bendigo




Doesn’t look like health to me!!

This looks more like health…


Telling people to eat fish, meat, fruits etc doesn’t make companies rich

Companies sit in the boardroom singing “SHOW ME THE MONEY” every time they check how many people are buying their pills and potions.

Selling protein bars, shakes, meal replacements, pills and potions makes you a truckload of money. Selling  real nutritious food doesn’t.

People are getting conned into thinking pills and powders are health and are now flocking to pay more money for less and less.

No wonder people think being healthy is expensive. Seriously, everyone thinks eating healthy is expensive as hell.

However spending up to $100 for a kilo of protein and hundreds a dollars a week on vitamins and minerals which you can get for FREE from real food doesn’t sound right to me.

HERE is a tip… STICK to the outside of the supermarket, that is where all the real unprocessed food usually is.

Stay away from the inside aisles.

Try this

After your weekly shop sit down and go through your receipt

  1. Highlight all the food that are PROCESSED.. eg biscuits, cakes, chips, soft drinks.(Non processed foods are your fruits and vegetables, meat)
  2. Calculate how much money you are spending on foods that are bad for your health and weight loss goals.
  3. Take a deep breath because you will realise how much money you waste on food and how much non food you buy that isn’t really food and is making it harder for your get into your designer jeans.

Anyway – Iʼve got more for you.

Now look at this:

For some reason, nobody talks about this fact you don’t need the pills, shakes or gadgets.

That’s because it’s easier to sell fear than health.

Somewhere out there, a dude is totally stoked because he just bought a huge tub of powder for $100

Like I said. You need to concentrate on HEALTH not FAT LOSS.

And last (but not least), we have this.Matthew McConaughey



Now we know he doesn’t starve or deprive himself, he leads a HEALTHY lifestyle and still indulges in his favs alcohol and burgers.

However he looks after his body by using the Health formula.

Check this out:



You have read it in all the mags how much Madonna trains and how other movie stars are starting to now look like Madonna.

(Due to their 3 hour a day workouts and starvation diets)Itʼs all GARBAGE.

Do you really want to cut out food groups and do hours of cardio a day and look like Madonna.

Its looks as if she hasn’t eaten in years… ( Not very sexy)

You now know you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars a month on shakes, weight loss pills or Infomercial AB machines.

So while every weight loss company on the news is telling you to drink this shake and take that pill you know that they are just trying to sell you something to line their pockets..


In just 90 days from today you can completely transform your body, fit into your favourite skinny jeans, tone your stomach, hips and thighs and feel amazing.




You’ve already done the hard part by making a decision to take your body to the next level by reading this message.

Think what’s going to happen if you procrastinate any longer right?

Are you ready……

Yes Jade! I’m ready to quit impossible diets!

Yes Jade! I’m ready to fit into my “skinny” jeans!

Yes Jade! I’m ready to “Shut Down” my fat hormones!

The best time to start is right now!!!!So what are you doing.. stop reading this message and call the person you need to call to help you reach your dreams..

Send that email….

Do it now…

Take action

What are you doing still reading…

Make the damn call..

Send the bloody email.


I cannot believe you are still reading this.

TAKE ACTION (That’s the real secret)

Be your own GURU


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