You know what’s easier than getting off your butt and improving your life…

You know what’s easier than getting off your butt and improving your health, your relationships and your life…

Telling everyone how they should live their life…( which is what most do on facey) . Imagine how great your life would be if you actually took your own advice…

Imagine if you stayed out of everyone’s business and just worried about yours… how much more free would you feel….

How great would you life be if you spent the hours you spend on facebook and social media and spent that time improving your life…

Spent that time exercising and moving your body,

Spent that time dating your partner and having a conversation… a real one away from social media…

Spent that time with your kids.. Just one on one…. With no distractions…

How much time would you gain back..

If you only let yourself be on social media for a max on an hour a day….

How many books could you read..

You could start that project you have been wanting to start..

Find time to exercise….

You get the idea.  🙂

Make sure you use social media and that you don’t let it use you!

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PS. This is something I am working on myself this year. Less time online and more offline actually experiencing life

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