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I see a lot of people who are quad dominant in other words use the front of their legs too much when they come into the gym.

They hardly ever activate their glutes( Butt) and therefore never get that nice butt they’re working so hard to obtain.

One of the main reason your glutes are inhibited or shut off is due to experiencing pain in one way or another.

Pain is one of the best ways to change your bio mechanics as your body will do everything it can to move away from pain.

Your butt may have been turned off due to having a baby, hurting your knee, ankle,coccyx etc…. or it can turn off you have pulled or strained ligaments and/or muscles.

One reason this happens  is because your glutes are used in powerful movements and your body is smart and turns them off so you have to slow down and so you can heal your injury.

However once they turn off, you have to make sure you turn them back on again…

The best way to get your butt into shape is to use strong exercises that activate your glutes.

If you start exercising without learning how to activate your glutes correctly you can easily hurt your back, knees etc… plus you never actually work your butt at all.          ( Back pain can be due to a weak butt)

I have a few favourite exercises to help activate your butt again but here’s something you can do at home or at work to start activating your glutes so you can take the first step on the path to a nice butt..

Butt Squeezes

If you sit at your desk for the majority of the day just start by squeezing your butt cheeks every hour for 10 seconds.

A simple butt workout would be to squeeze them 20 times each hour.

Then the next day alternate butt cheeks squeezes and do 20 one side and 20 the other each hour.

You can even make it harder by lifting your feet off the ground and squeezing them.

There you go….. A little lesson in firming your butt….

Plus you will now have the song “ I Like Big Butts” in your head all day so there is a special bonus for you. Your welcome! 🙂

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