I Don’t Like Mondays.. Tell me why


monday 2

Why do I hate Mondays…?

Cause I face reality on Monday’s.

It’s the day I weigh in to keep myself accountable and sometimes I don’t like what I see

You see it doesn’t matter what story you tell yourself over the weekend or during the week.

You know if you’ve been eating well and exercising.

the numbers will show you the reality, the numbers show you the truth

You can cover your eyes but the numbers don’t lie

If you look at the scales and are upset or annoyed you can either continue to lie to yourself or you can use the pain and turn it into power

The power to to say “That’s it, things have to change”

Some people haven’t weighed themselves in years because they don’t want to face reality.
I understand.

Reality can be tough… and can make you cry and breakdown

However the good new is that after a breakdown comes a breakthrough.

If you don’t face reality you will never change.

By continuing to live a lie you will never change.

One of my favourite quotes is

“You can argue with reality but you will lose only 100% of the time” ( Write that one down)

YOU CAN get the body and the life you wish for but only if you DROP the reasons and stories and start living in REALITY

In your corner
Jade 🙂

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