How Much is it?

Paying the Price

I love reading quotes/fables/stories that make me ponder

Here’s one i read on the weekend.

There was this man who found a Gold mine, and he asked his friend

“Hey, I found this Gold mine, all I need is your help to dig up the Gold.”

The friend responded,

“But do you know how much shovels cost these days?”

It made me think…

Everything has price… however it’s not always based on money.

The price could be

Getting up early each day to exercise
Not eating takeaway all the time
Not wasting time watching TV
Not spending hours each day on social media.
Spending time with your loved ones

By not paying the price now you can often pay a bigger price in the future.

You end up overweight and sick
You become depressed and feel lonely
You have no social life outside of the computer or work
Your partner leaves you

So today’s lesson is…

Are you willing to pay the smaller price now or larger one in the future.

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Jade”Paying the Price” Mulcair-Personal Training Bendigo

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