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Yesterday we spoke about Magic Power #1 which was about getting started.

Here’s magic Power number 2

Magic Power number 2 is the Ability To Step Back Into The Ring

When it comes to getting in your best shape ( Which is different for everyone) just like boxing in the sense that you will, without question get knocked around a little.

Know what I mean?

And do you think there’s ever a conversation where a dude wants to become a boxer and this happens?

Dude: “Coach? Can I talk to you a minute?”
Coach: “Sure, son. What’s on your mind.”
Dude: “Well, I think I want to be a boxer.”
Coach: “That’s great. We can start training on Monday.”
Dude: “OK. But …Coach?”
Coach: “Yeah?”
Dude: “Do you think I’ll ever get …you know …hit? Like, do you think anyone is gonna …you know, punch me?”

I know, I know …never happens. In BOXING.

But it damn sure happens with getting in Shape

People get started (which is a huge feat in and of itself) and then just get floored by the first setback.

It takes them by complete surprise and it makes them want to quit.

I suppose it’s natural.

But what’s not natural …and what really breeds success …is that ability to brush yourself off and start over.

Just like the champion boxer, you gotta get up and step back into the ring. If you do that enough times, you’ll be tough as a pit bull and you’ll start winning.

And it doesn’t take too many wins before it all starts to add up.

Just think, if you lose ½ a kilo a week for a year you will lose 26kgs!!

Now if I asked you would you 12 months ago if you would be happy losing up to 26kgs I’m betting you would take it every time.

However most people think short term and if you don’t lose 3-5 kilos a week you are failing and give up.

But if you don’t get back in there and take another shot …you’ll never win.

And listen: EVERYBODY I know who’s achieved lasting success has, often on more than one occasion have had setbacks or have felt like failures before they finally “made it”.

Damn sure happened to me, I can tell you that. I have failed many times in my life and I use those failures to help you get results so you don’t have to go through them

And you know what? All those failures SUCKED. They were embarrassing. And sometimes scary.

Getting back up and stepping into the ring again was hard.

But worth it.

Now get out there and take what’s yours.

Jade ” Punch Drunk” Mulcair
Bendigo Fitness

PS. Any questions just reply to this message and shoot me an email.

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