Does McDonalds Make You Fat? Maybe Not!!



How can someone in the fitness and health industry say that McDonald’s doesn’t make you fat….

It’s as simple as this… I no longer put foods in groups of good and bad.

It’s what’s right for you which is based on many metabolic and physiological factors

Don’t listen to trainers that promote certain foods will kill you and particular foods will automatically turn to fat etc… It’s all basically bullshit!!! They know fear sells and creates cult like followers…. That way they can sell you all their products!!!

I used to believe all this crap until I saw the light a few years ago…I wasted so many years demonising food and by doing so I ended up stuffing up my metabolism and caused myself all sorts of problems like cold hands and feet, food intolerance’s, rashes, terrible sleep etc etc

I take a positive out of it now as it lead me studying how to fix your metabolism and gave me tools to easily pick out the so called gurus who are just pushing complete lies…

I know plenty of fitness professionals who promote a certain diet but what they will never tell you is all the health and digestive problems they currently have.

Anyway back to McDonald’s….

McDonald’s and all the fast food companies don’t make you fat, YOU eating them all the time does… The food is high in calories that is what makes you fat. Did you know that a lot of the Grill’d burgers have more calories than burgers at McDonald’s.

As they say.. Common sense is not very common…..

So before you start following some gurus bullshit plans like so called “Sugar haters” just follow these tips….

They are simple but I know only 90% of people do them… and that is why only 10% of people get results!!!

Stop making things so bloody complicated… Just turn up and follow the plan.

Tip 1. PLAN

I know what you’re thinking… That sounds boring. however this can be the difference between success and failure.

Plan your day out. Plan your meals, your exercise etc.

That way all you have to do is stick to it. As they say if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Tip 2: Double Up

Double up is simply when you are cooking food to match your Plan( see tip 1) cook double the amount. That way you will not feel as if all you’re doing is cooking. Plus you will always have a healthy meal ready to go so you don’t grab something that will take you off your plan.

Tip Number 3: Reality Check

Try your bikini or favourite jeans on and see how they fit. Scales don’t always give you the truth but your jeans or dress will.

Motivation does not always work so sometimes tough love does.

PT Experience