Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky

lifting weights

Ok, Lets start with debunking the myth that lifting weights will make you bulky…

Lifting weights won’t make you bulky but you know what will…. DONUTS!!! Women just don’t have the muscle building hormones like men do.

Most of the women you see in the health and fitness magazines lift weights because they know that muscle is what shapes your body.

For example if you don’t have a bum, losing weight is not going to make it appear all firm and give it shape. In fact, if you go on a starvation diet you will eat away at your muscle and it will make it look even more flabby.

You want to be doing resistance training to target that area to firm that sucker up.


Here’s a few quick tips to help you on your path to a firm bum: ( I like big butts)

Best of all muscle burns fat so the more muscle you have the more fat you burn…


If most people spent less time on the treadmill and more time lifting weights they would see amazing results.

Women especially need to train with weights because a few things that really eats away at your muscle is dieting, long cardio sessions and having babies…..

You want to keep as much muscle as you can and burn fat not muscle. You need to change your mindset from losing weight to burning fat.

Because as I mentioned in a previous blog( Fat Vs Muscle), muscle is a lot more dense than fat so you can weigh the same but look completely different.

You will also get stronger which will help you in everyday life. Plus best of all, make it easier to do the things you love and play with your kids.

A few areas you want to concentrate on are your legs, butt, back and chest. Focusing on these areas will help shape your body

Oh and one of the best things about having more muscle is you can eat more and not gain any fat. :-)

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