Did You Win Today?


So did you win yesterday?

Did you do the thing(s) that you said you were going to do….

Or did resistence win. ??

If resistance won yesterday,  let’s kick it’s butt today….   

We must wage war on resistance everyday.

We must go to battle everyday to beat it back.

If you think about all the time that you’ve wasted waiting for things to be perfect before you start. Well this is just resistence winning.

Resistance loves to take you down the wrong path and distraction you from your purpose.

Resistance wants to keep your dreams just that… Dreams

Resistance wants everything to stay just the way they are.

Resistence want you to stay in the comfort zone which is where all your dreams go to die.

Resistance wants to distract you from being all you know you can be.

We all know successful people and know they don’t actually have any secret magic skills

However what they do is Act, they get sh*t done….

Whilst we think too much and wait for things to be perfect or gather more information.

We need to get out of our own way and stop making things so complicated.

The magic in just keeping things simple and just doing the work.


When will you be ready?

The truth you never will be

You have to block out all the noise and just start. Yes you will suck at the start but you can always adjust once you get started.

The enemy is not being prepared enough

The enemy is not starting.

The enemy is the voice in our head saying we shouldn’t , we can’t, we don’t know what to do.. .

When in fact we do know what we need to do.

It’s just that we’re not doing it.

We know we should exercise

We know we should have a budget

We know we should invest in our relationships

It’s easy to know what to do..

It’s the not doing it, is the problem  

Everything you need to do can be outlined on one piece of paper, you don’t need a million plans..

You just need a simple plan to get started.

YOu need to be willing to fight everyday and f you are not willing to get up and kick resistance butt everyday you will not win.

Is it ok not too fight everyday?

Yes it is…

However if you want to win you must get up and fight….

We waste so much time fighting for the wrong things ( All the gossip and other peoples business)

Fight for your life, For your family,  For your dreams

PT Experience