Burn Fat Don’t Starve it!

Everyone has heard that weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out.

Yes different foods create different hormonal responses etc etc..I am well aware of that but we all know if you eat too much food you will gain weight.

Today I’d like to explain a way that you can burn fat and not starve it for better results and a better looking body.

Before we start  I don’t want you to think so much about calorie in vs calories out,  I want you to think about energy in vs energy out.

As you are probably well aware, no two people burn energy in the exact same manner; with a number of health factors impacting on their metabolism.

Some  people with a metabolism which is working to its optimal potential can eat a lot more food without any weight gain when compared to a person with a slow or sluggish metabolism.

We all hate those people:-) 

However what you may not be clear on is how exactly you can test the health of your metabolism and then use fuel or food to make improvements; however, that’s a topic for another day.

I first want to address the my initial point of burning fat vs starving fat.

Now the goal is to actually burn fat not starve it….

A lot of  people try and starve the fat and in doing so slows down your fat burning metabolism and is a reason you may find you cannot stick to a diet and why it seems to be harder and harder to lose weight.

Let me explain a way to actually burn fat and lose muscle so you no longer have to starve yourself.

For example if your body burns 1700 calories a day through activity, health of your metabolism  and day to day life and you consumed 500 calories less. You would have a negative balance of 500 calories and you would expect to lose weight.

However if you increase your activity to 2200 and consumed your normal 1700 calories a day you would have the same 500 calories decrease and still lose weight without limiting your food.

Now this where it gets really good..

If you upped your daily energy intake to 2500 and increased you energy expenditure to 3000 you would still have a 500 calorie difference.  You will also keep your body out of starvation mode, increase your health and no longer become focused on what you cannot eat.

This is why athletes can eat so much food and look great.

However please take note, you cannot simply start a regime similar to Michael Phelps (12,000 calories a day to fuel 5 hour workouts 6 days a week) and expect this to work.

The key to success in using this method is a gradual increase in both caloric intake and energy expenditure otherwise you may quickly store body fat due the current state of your metabolism or even cause yourself an injury from overtraining.

If you are trying to lose weight increase your activity before you decrease your food intake and see what the result is. Then after you gather the results you may need to reduce your intake a little. Rinse and Repeat.

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