BARBELL (an Overview of Ripped Maker Tool)

BARBELL (an Overview of Ripped Maker Tool)

Weight Lifting is a broad topic since there are broad tools to do this kind of exercise, However, when people are talking about "the Weight Lifting" my mind always associate those words with the Barbell somehow, don't you?

That is just natural since the Barbell itself represents the "Weight Lifting" symbol in the Olympics for so long.

What is the Barbell definition again?​

Wikipedia definition: A barbell is a piece of exercise equipment used in weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting, consisting of a long bar, usually with weights attached at each end.​

Our simple definition: A long bar, armed with weight discs on both side.

Can you get ripped only with Barbell?

The short answer:
yes you can.

The longer answer:
The barbell is a type of Resistant training tool, and there are many evidence-based studies that show Resistant training top cardio in the Fat burning department.And people talking about this on Quora

but how you ask?

With Barbell you can exercise most of your major muscle groups, and that's why it works.​

The Barbell Component and Types 

Like our Barbell Definition above, the barbell consists of Bar and discs. 

Bar: The length of Barbell Varies between 4 ft to 8 ft. the most common length is 7 ft, which for Men's bar in Olympic WeighLifting. The naked bar weight is between 15 Kg to 20 Kg. 
There are Types  of Bar depend on their usage, Olympic Bar (The Bar used on Olympic games), Standard Bar (for untrained eyes, it is like Olympic Bar and used on the Commercial Gym, but usually less durable than the Olympic one), PowerLifting Bar (used on powerlifting), Curl Bar (the bar has curl in the middle), Trap Bar ( bar that traps you in the middle ). 

Discs: Or Weight Plate, Is a rounded tool that placed at both sides of the bar, in Olympic games, the Discs Colors describe their weight, but in Commercial Gym, the discs usually have Identical color ( example: all black ) or with color but not represent the weight. 

Common Barbell Training Types

Number: 1
Name: Squat
Injuries Risks Level: minimum
Main Target: Quadriceps

Take the barbell straight on posterior of your shoulders and trapezius muscle, do proper stand-up, open your feet the same width as the shoulder. Keep your back straight, flex your hip and then bend your knees slowly like trying to sit down on a chair. 

Important to remember, when flexing your knees, you should do that simultaneously.​

Watch this video by Jeff Cavaliere: 

Here are Mistakes to avoid by ScottHermanFitness, sometimes little adjustment makes a great difference, here's how:

Number: 2
Name: Deadlift
Injuries Risks: moderate to high
Main Target: Back, Gluteus and Leg

Yes, it covers almost any muscles, and that's why the deadlift is one of the most effective moves on doing barbell training.

Watch this video by 

Word Of Caution:
Many muscles involve also means doing this move can easily lead to injuries,

If you are just starting out, please do it without the weight discs, just with the bar.
Watch this video by buff dudes on how to avoid the mistakes.

Step by step instructions: Hold a barbell behind your head and rest it comfortably on your shoulders. Stand tall and keep your head upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart. (A) Take a big step forward with your right foot, slowly lower your back knee directly down until it is just above the ground. (B) Switch sides. (C)

Number: 3
Name: Lunge
Injuries Risks: Minimum
Main Target: Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Gastrocnemius.

Watch this video by Scott Herman Fitness: 

Pain and Gain

Number: 4
Name: Bent-Over-Row
Injuries Risks Level: Minimum to Moderate
Main Target: Middle Back

Bend at the hips and let the bar hang down. Pull your elbows back to bring the bar up to your sternum. See the video for clearer details.

Word Of Caution:
Even this one causes less causality than The Deadlift, mistakes might happen. Here is a good video by ScottHermannFitness on how to avoid just that.

Number: 5
Name: Bench Press
Injuries Risks Level: Moderate
Target Muscles Group: Pectoralis Major, Triceps Brachii

No Need Explanation for this one, This Training is Infamous to build the Chest.

Word Of Caution:
Failed to do proper move will not only hold back your progress but also can potentially create injuries, watch the video below from Buff Dude to avoid the common mistake on Bench Press training.

What Are The Regiments?

According to Coach Dan John, a barbell complex is: “A complex is a series of lifts performed back to back where you finish the reps of one lift before moving on to the next lift. The bar only leaves your hands or touches the floor after all of the lifts are completed.”

to my understanding, as complex as it seems, the Barbell Complex only series of Proper barbell movement that targets certain muscle groups to achieve either building those muscles or fat burning. 

Deadlift 20 Reps; Rest 10 Sec
Romanian Deadlift 10 Reps; Rest 0 Sec
Bent Over Row 10 Reps; Rest 0 Sec
Overhead Press 10 Reps; Rest 0 sec 
Squat 20 Reps; Rest 2 Min.

The Regiment ( Barbell Complex) Above is just one from many. That one is pretty Easy to do, even for a beginner, however for the first timer, what Important is to form the Habit of doing it right from the first time, this way one can avoid Injury and seal the benefits. Our BarBell Club is perfect to guide you. You can ask Questions or Join the newsletter by selecting Barbell in the form

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Final Words 

The barbell is Kind of Resistant Training that Top Cardio at the Fat Burning Department by Increasing the overall body metabolism. 

Barbell Complex is Series of Barbell Movement that target various muscle groups. Barbell Complex may varies, however, the objectives are the same, to Increase the Muscle and to burn the fat (by metabolism). 

For Beginner it is recommended to doing the training with only the Bar, without the discs. This is to train the right habit. 

Getting Ripped by doing Barbell Complexes is possible. However, the food control is Important too. If you wonder where to start, you can download our Recipe. This one not only delicious but also healthy. 

Anyone who left with questions, Please contact us, and they who are ready to dig dipper, Join our Newsletter by completing this form ( select the Barbell Club at the program area ) 

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I Wish you Good Luck on the Journey to be Ripped. 

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