6 Monday Diet Tips to Get You Back On Track



The weekend is over so it’s back to the Monday diet cycle because you know you ate things you shouldn’t have the past few days.

So I thought I would write a list of things for ya to get you back on track.

You see, I bang on about these things all the time because you need to do these things first before you get into the more advanced techniques.

If you do the following you will start seeing results I promise without having to starve yourself.

It’s also the same formula one of our rockstars has used to get to the lightest weight she can ever remember and is looking so great people are asking her what she has been doing like it’s some secret formula. ( Well maybe it is)

What I kinda realise is that people never really tell you how to get started…

So here is a list with tips you can start doing today!!

  1. You can’t out train a bad diet

So once you start an exercise program you can just can’t eat the same crap you have been eating thinking it is ok because you are now training so you will burn it off. This is probably the biggest mistake I see

2- Slow and steady wins the race.

So many people go out and drastically cut out foods, starve themselves or do hours and hours of exercise and then within a week because it becomes overwhelming and is something you know you cannot do for the rest of your life you stop.

You need to set up a plan and action steps which you can do for the rest of your life so you get results that last.

  1. Stop Buying Crap

It’s pretty simple, if it’s not in your house you won’t eat it.

  1. JERF

Just Eat Real Food… Yes another simple tip…. Just change all the processed foods you’re eating to healthy natural foods.

5- You need to include Resistance based exercise

Training with weights helps shape your body and stops you from having the skinny fat look and no it won’t make you look bulky ladies!

6- Start!!

Yes, start today… Take action….. even if you go for a 20 min walk at lunch or after work. You could even just do 10 push ups. It doesn’t matter how big or small just do something to get the wheel turning.

___* Sound Simple?*___

Maybe/Maybe not…

I mean, it can take people years to figure these steps out.

These are the steps that people take who have the bodies most people wish for.

If its good enough for them..

you know the rest.

In your corner.

PT Experience