The 3rd way to SCREW up your Metabolism


The 3rd way to SCREW up your metabolism 


Number 3 is an interesting one which I’m guessing not a lot of people would have ever heard of.

You must be careful not to drink so much water and cooling foods.

Once I took note of the following it really improved not only my energy levels but my metabolism.

If you have a suppressed metabolism your need for fluids decrease and therefore you have to be very careful when it comes to your intake of water and cooling foods.

This is because with a low metabolism your body wastes salt. In other words your body had a hard time managing your electrolytes level. The reason  you go to the toilet all the time is so your body can increase the glucose( Sugar) concentrate in your blood!

You will notice that drinks that promote the replenishing electrolytes have sodium and carbs as you need both to increase your levels

When you have a slow or impaired metabolism you have to be careful with consuming too many cooling foods like the ones listed below.

Here’s a list of cooling foods and fluids
Tea and coffee

Water/soft drinks


Lowfat milk




I know this may be new information and doesn’t make sense. However when people go into hospital one of the first things they do is put you on an IV drip which is basically salty water to get you back into health. This helps balance your electrolyte levels.


So listen to your body. When you are thirsty drink. Don’t just drink because so called gurus tell you to drink heaps of water.


I personally find I feel better if I limit my consumption of cooling foods or liquids in the morning and wait till the afternoon to consume them and of course before, during and after exercise.

You should be going to the toilet approximately once every 4 hours therefore if you are going a couple of times an hour then you know you are drinking too much and not helping your metabolism.

You may find your feet, nose or hands are cold as well. This is an indicator of an impaired and slow metabolism.

You hear that headaches may be because of not drinking enough water but it can also be from drinking too much.

Your urine should not be clear, it should be yellow.. not dark but a light yellow color if it is really dark then you need to drink more and eat less and if it is clear then you need to drink less and eat more.

You have to adjust your eating and drinking that day to accommodate this stress.

So if you have cold feet in the morning then you need to eat more warming foods  in the morning and consume less cooling foods. If you find in the afternoon you hands and feet are cold you need to do the opposite.


What people don’t tell you is this….

The best diet is no diet…

Let me explain..

The best lifestyle nutrition program is based on what you need to make sure you are producing energy at the most efficient way you can.That means you have to make sure your thyroid is working properly and yes we need the so called dreaded sugar to allow us to do this.

No Jade, Seriously what diet is the best…. As I said there isn’t one….

The best diet is based on what you need, not your friend/husband/wife etc

You really have to focus on making sure your thyroid is working which is based on a few tests that I will teach you.

We have to get away from the belief that  that all sugars are the same.

The good news is you can heal your broken metabolism. However you have to remember where you are now didn’t happen overnight so you must be patient when healing and getting everything working the way it was designed.

Everyone is different and you have to work out what is right with you.

Eating too many calories will result in weight gain no matter how great your metabolism.

I know it may be confusing because all you hear is no carbs or no sugar are the way to go.

Those techniques will make you lose weight however we don’t just want short term results.. We want results that last and techniques that you can use to live a normal life and not obsess over food.

It’s time to get off YOYO diets

Keep smiling



I hope you enjoyed reading this report. I enjoyed writing if for you and wish you all the best in your quest for health and fitness and hopefully we meet soon.

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