15 Cool Things You Will Notice When…..


Here’s a list of 15 cool things you will notice when you start exercising, eating right and start shaping your body.

1.    You can run around with your kids and not get exhausted

 2.    Your body stops jiggling so much :-)

 3.     You can give high five’s all day and not get a sore arm

 4.     You reduce aches and pain

 5.     You feel stronger

 6.     You no longer have to wear a jumper around your waist to hide your butt.

 7.    Justin Timberlake with Facebook you saying congratulations for “Bringing Sexy Back”

 8.    You will sleep much better

 9.    You will show yourself you can do anything if you just do the work.

10.   You will gain inner confidence and energy you can’t explain

11.   You look younger

12.   You increase your mobility

13.   Your sex drive will increase! :-)

14.   You no longer have to say “Do I look fat in this dress”…

15.   You’ll be able to sing “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred and be telling the truth.

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